Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lilies, second edition

yep my second round of lilies are blooming. These are new ones for me, as i'm used to growing the early blooming "Easter" lilies, which actually bloom about Father's day or just before. the second rounders are the orientals which look different alltogether.

the plants are tall, the stems look more like orchids, and the leaves are fat and oval, and are widely spaced on the stem. Everything shoots up from the bulb, and then the lily buds fan out on their own short stems at the crown of the plant. And yes, they need staking. I put in 18 inch stakes on mine, and they grew to 3 ft tall for their first year. one plant has 3 blooms and the other one has 2. but even with just those few blooms i can go out on the porch and smell the spicy clove scent. the flowers themselves are quite large,8 inches across and 4 inches deep. they stand 36 inches high.

now what do they look like? this was the closest i could find on the web, since my camera is still on the fritz.

they are definitely beautiful, and i would have an armload of them if i had the space to do so.

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