Friday, July 16, 2010

Antique Thimbles Quilt

Well, the quilt is comming along... i got four rows put together yesterday and have 6 more rows pinned together ready to sew today. last night i prepped two pillowcases for this quilt, and i might be able to get two more to match the back of the quilt.
(but i'll cut my backing and sew that first, because it's more important to have a backing than to have two more pillowcases, hehehe)

the renewal of the parking lot here is comming along nicely, but the guys who are outside doing the work and swetting it out surely have my sympathy! Right now it's 90 degrees with a 'feels like' index of 100. One thing is for certain---they're getting a nice tan while getting paid for it!

and on to another topic---family history! I've been working on mine for a long time now and have traced my ancestors back for several generations and centuries. Had another breakthru today which made me feel good.

kinda makes me wonder how they ever got along without dating services back then, ROTFLOL. (but of course, i forgot---back then they had the courtiers and servants to do all the running around for them!)

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Kate said...

It's just as hot here, but without the humidity, which makes it slightly more tolerable! But dangitall, it's still hot! LOL