Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stash Report, Week #25

not a lot to report this week. tennis at Wimbledon was on as well as the world soccer cup from Africa, so that meant long hours in front of the TV and few hours quilting this week. But in spite of that i finally managed to get my Kashmir IV top into one piece. laid it out on the bed and it looks pretty good.

never one to let the quilting dust bunnies grow, i immediately got out more material to cut for another quilt. this one is made from a group of 24 FQ's by Sara Morgan (called "Sara's Blues")of Blue Hill fabric. great fabrics in tan, brown,and indigo blue. I'm making this quilt using a large tumbler pattern,(called "Antique Thimble" from Temecula Quilt Company,

the prints in the picture of the quilt are similar to the fabrics that i'll be useing, so the prints will be showcased nicely. not sure yet whether i'll square off the sides or leave them as is and bind. the tumbler has a forgiving side angle, so i don't anticipate having any trouble with the corners in binding it. I'm making my quilt larger than the pattern called for, so i'm cuting more fabric.

and as if that isn't enough i also have an ongoing project dealing with some fruity fabric and lots of strips. So between the two projects i should be prety busy for the next few weeks.

yards in this week: 0
yards out this week: 11 yards (24 FQ's, + 5 yards backing)
yards in for the year: 3.5
yards out for the year: 31 yards

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Lori said...

looking forward to pictures, I've been wondering how the Kashmir fabric was coming.