Saturday, June 19, 2010

hot, hot, HOT!

Looks like our temps will spike this weekend. the weatherman is calling for temps in the mid to upper 90's for both days, so my plans are to stay inside as much as possible. The corn in the local farmer's fields looks tall, strong, and beautiful, and is just beginning to top out this week, so it will love the hot weather.

My faithful amaryllis is blooming again on the porch. Just two blooms this year but they are beautiful. And my how the baby amaryllis has grown! She's got 6 big, strapping leaves this Summer,(so far)is as big now as her mamma, and will probably be blooming next year.

this week i've been diligently sewing (for a change). I've got 20 quilt blocks made, pressed, and squared up. they're ready to sew into a top, so that will be my project for today. The fabric is Kashmir IV (all beautiful pastells) and I've teamed it with a cream on cream colored mini polka dot. the dots have there own lustre, so when they catch the light they pop right out, almost like fairy dust. A very subtle quilt, but it should be pretty in it's own right.

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