Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Definitely been too long since i last posted, so an update is due.

today i finally broke 200, yea!
no, not 200 quilts made, nor 200 UFO's.
not 200 birds to the feeder nor 200 posts here.
not 200 laps around the lake, nor 200 trips this year to the mail box.

but a nicer 200. My scale was nice to me today. watching what i eat and trading high calorie snacks for low calorie ones has paid off.i am now under 200 lbs.

i need to be a lot more under that 200 of course, but i'm on my way!

i got some great quilting magazines this week;
the new 'Quilt Sampler Spring/Summer 2010" issue from BH&G is wonderful. lots of good things in there. and the new issue of McCall's Quilting, which is only on display until 5-31. this one comes with a bonus CD which i haven't played yet, but the patterns in there are wonderful. Look for the number 17 circled in blue on the cover,and you'll have the right one. loads of inspiration comming from both of these, and some great eye candy to boot!


Sue H said...

Congratulations! What a good feeling, to have your hard work pay off.

Kate said...

Yahoooo! Time to do the happy dance and burn more calories to get under 190! YAYYYYYY! SO SO SO PROUD OF YOU!!! xoxo, your happy proud daughter!