Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We're havin' a heat wave ~~~~

~~~A tropical heat wave!

i thought it was getting rather warm outside, but 88 degrees for a high temp early in April is a bit much! this is more like late June weather, but i'll bet the local kids will love it as they're out on Easter Vacation this week.

I just pulled up all my pansy plants--they were cooked and not looking very lively.
We aren't expecting any rain till the weekend, which is great for the vacationers, but hard on plants.

meanwhile my chickadee's are preparing to go into family mode, which is good news. It means that they like the surroundings, so i guess my bird feeder and choice of seed meets with their approval. Still haven't seen any hummers yet, but with this warm weather the main flocks can't be too far away. The first azalias are beginning to bloom, so it shouldn't be long before they show up.

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