Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ready for the Hummers!

I put up my hummingbird feeder today, and hope to have lots of customers this Summer.
after being spurred on by my daughter last year, i decided to try attracting our local hummers. I've seen a few around here in years past, so maybe they will like my spot and decide to make it a regular stop.

I'm using Hummingbird nectar from First Nature (find it at Wal-mart)which is supposed to be pretty good stuff. I also checked the migration map for Ruby-throated hummers, and found that they just flew into our area a couple of days ago. So i'm hoping that a nice attractive feeder,a good open location, and flying insects will add up to lots of visitors.

ps. this is the same window on which i hang my Christmas wreaths. Last Christmas some birds decided to 'investiate' the wreathes and steal the berries. but the joke was on them as the berries were only wax.


Sue H said...

Oooh, hummers! Still a little early here (I've been watching the geese and ducks landing on our frozen pond this morning). Can't wait to see them!

Kate said...

It kills me that I couldn't get any decent pictures of them last year. Something tells me I'll be spending a LOT of time at the patio door in the coming weeks!