Friday, March 19, 2010

Oh, don't i look pretty--NOT!

Today is a very nice Spring day outside. And i bear the evidence of it.

After taking the trash out today and then shopping in Wal-mart for a few groceries, i started to itch--really bad! i hurridly looked for an itch-calming lotion, and it's a very good thing i did. I have a case of hives.

first time i've ever had them. the Dr. at the emergency room said it looked like a case of contact allergy. and sure as the world, after they mostly subsided while i was inside the emergency room for the afternoon, all i had to do was go outside to the parking lot and bingo, they appeared promptly again. exposure to the outside and all, don't you know.

so i came home and got on the web to see what allergins were floating around out there today in all this nice Spring weather. I saw that the allergy index for our area was up into the medium high range, which is a danger sign if there every was one. And then i checked the list. I found out that cedar pollen is floating thru our area right now. i've had some trouble in the past with cedar pollen, but nothing like this.

So i'll be doing the hermit thing for the next week or so, and staying inside like a good girl. unless it rains *smile*

ps. and no, no pretty pics, LOL.
i can tell you that the smallest outbreak is now three fingers wide, and the largest covers the inner left forearm from elbow to wrist.

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Kate said...

You'd better have taken something! Don't make ME be the parent! ;-)