Tuesday, March 16, 2010

blond/Senior moments

yep, I'm having them!

the latest episode deals with me and the gas cap on my pretty red car.

i got this thing last July, and although i don't drive very much, having difficulties operating the gas cap was an additional discouragement to using gas.

in my last car i had to push the cap in and then turn it to get it to open. that was no problem. And since it was the same car manufacturer, i expected the gas cap to work in the same very easy way. ROTFLOL! Well, the trick was on me.

I never expected to be foiled by a simple thing like taking the cap off to put in gas, and yet time and again i had to have a knight in shining armor come over and 'show the poor old senior lady' how to get the stupid thing off so i could gas up. I mean honestly, how many times can one person be embarassed into learning such a simple thing AGAIN! Oooooh, just about any time i put in gas. yep, that often.

So today when the trusty gas cap resisted all my attempts to get it off, i was determined to get the better of it.

you know what? there's a little secret that all those kindly knights failed to point out. As long as i know where the little notches are inside the tube which will let my gas cap off, all i have to do is turn the cap so the handle points to those notches, and the thing will practically fall off into my hand. No more pushing in with all my might, or wishing i was about 3 inches taller so the angle of leverage was correct, or remembering to eat my spinnach so i have the muscles of popeye,etc.

maybe at last i have conquored my gas cap.


Kate said...

Yay for figuring out the gas cap, but now I'm scared to ever get a new car! LOL

Lori said...

have you sat there and spun and spun the gas cap and it never opened? Or better, I took my sister's car to the gas station, and had to drive back to her house (only a couple of miles--thank goodness) to find out where the button to OPEN the little door was! I mostly try to get my husband to fill the tanks, after all, he doesn't like to scrub toilets! Fair division of labor!

Infinity Quilter said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who had this happen. We bought a new car 2 years ago. I must have gotten lucky the first couple times I filled 'er up b/c I never had a problem. Then one day I rolled up to the gas pump. It wouldn't screw off. Luckily I had enough gas to get home. Told hubby, he was mad at ME, thought I broke something. We did a little surfing online, yep, you gotta line it up just right. Who would have thought you'd have to be a rocket scientist to take off a gas cap! Glad you figured it out.