Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What can you do with those empty TP rolls?

Just another case of getting creative (or something) here.

We won't say just how this idea got started....but lo and behold i was confronted with an empty TP roll this morning. Not wanting to waste something so creative, i thought of turning it into a crafty quilting thing while making my fabric drawers neater at the same time.

so here's the deal (and this works for anything long that you need to keep track of.)

take the TP roll and cut a nice long verticle cut in the tube with a pair of scissors.
open the tube out and flatten it a bit. Turn it and cut across the middle with the scissors again, leaving you with two nice pieces of cardboard.
turn it once again and cut those pieces vertically so you wind up with 4 rectangles.

now grab a sheet of wrapping paper or tissue paper. cut off a single strip the width of the paper and wrap around the cardboard twice. you should be able to cover all 4 pieces of cardboard if you're using wide paper, or at least 2 if using the tissue paper. Secure with a bit of scotch tape, and then start wrapping something around the piece of cardboard.

i chose strips of binding fabric that had already been cut from my stash.
I sewed the strips together and then, (using a very high tech procedure), i threw the binding pile on the floor, steped on it with one foot to create some tension, pulled up one free end and started wrapping.

now if you're familiar with strips of binding fabric, you know that the more they're handled the more the sides have a tendecy to fray. Fear Not!
With this technique after wrapping your binding you can cut all those stray threads off with just a good whack of the scissors for each side of the card.

then all that's needed to finish the project is to secure the loose end of the binding fabric with a safety pin, and it's nice and neat and won't get all twisted while sewing it to your quilt.

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Lori in South Dakota said...

Oh, what we do to stay organized! I wind all my extra pieces of binding on a wrapping paper roll, and stand it in the corner! When I need a scrappy border, I pull them from there.