Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stash Report, week 8

previously used: 8 2/3 yards
in this week: 0
out this week: 12 yards
in this year: 3.5 yards
out this year: 20 2/3 yards

i managed to finish my first top for 2010 earlier this week (the blue and yellow) and got every block to play nicely with it's mates. So that one is put away for quilting later.

and now it's on to quilt #2, a pink, green and white one called "Rose Trellis" from a pattern by Sandi Irish of the same name. the patern was put out as a pamphlet a few years ago at Hancock fabrics stores (the chain, not Hancock's of Paducah) to go with their line from Hi-Fashion Fabrics, inc.

it's a strippy quilt, set with four vertical rows of 9 patches on point, alternating with rows of roses in a border pattern. So far this week i've gotten all 28 nine patches made and started adding the setting triangles to them. i hope to get this top together by the end of the month.

Also this week i've been playing in my project boxes that i've set aside to work on this year; a total of 20 boxes in all. I've managed to get them organized with all the fabric and the quilt pattern in each box. So it will be interesting to see how far i get this year on knocking out this row of boxes.

All told, i've got about 3 years-worth of projects lined up now, but at least i can say that i know where i'm headded---provided i can keep my boxes in a row! LOL


SpinningStar said...

I've discovered that it is easier to keep projects in boxes. Can't lose pieces and they stack better than bags!

I have a buch of boxes to work through also, but I haven't set a deadline on how many and by when.


Tamera said...

Wow! If you got that much organized, you're doing well, I think! Good work!

Vicky said...

Three years, huh? LOL. I think I'll join you on that. We can call it the three-year plan! Good going. 20 yards busted! Woot woot!

Brenda said...

Keeping pattern and fabrics together is a huge thing!!!! And with this system, you are going to just be movin' on through these projects in record time!!! Go Girl!!!

Kate said...

Apparently I have the brain of a 12 year old boy because everytime you write "strippy" it makes me giggle. Oy!

Lori said...

I struggle with a week, let alone a year! I use zip lock baggies as I can SEE the projects, and I won't find more like I did the other night under the sewing table!