Tuesday, February 9, 2010

so what are you doing during the olympics???

if you quilt or knit or crochet do you have a project ready to work on yet?

this post:http://hexagonquilt-along2.blogspot.com/2010/01/hexi-olympics.html
got me started thinking about what i could do with all that time.

I have an old hexi project that hasn't been finished. Yeah, i just about OD's on hexies there for a while. but i put the project away KNOWING that at some time in the future i'd want to get it out (read find the perfect excuse to do so) and work on finishing it.

when i was rummaging around in my closit last Fall, i got this project out and put it into a drawer where it was easily accessible. I was just waiting for the perfect excuse (read: time) to get it out and get started in on it again.

so now with the olympics comming up, i'll get it back out and see how much more there is to be done. i may just wind up with a finished top by the last ceremony!

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