Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow, Round #3

We had snow again last night and this morning. there was about an inch total snowfall, which makes 11 inches of snow for the season so far. That eleven inches ties a record snowfall that we had back on Dec 26, 2006 or 07, but this time it took three separate tries to get it all on the ground.

and an update on the quilt show.
We ran into a bit of a snafu this week here at home, which has necessitated a re-thinking of plans and a re-shuffling of $$'s.
Nothing we couldn't handle, but an adjustment nontheless. As a result i won't be pounding the concrete doing lap after lap around the showroom floor this year, but I'm not about to give up a quilt show without a fight.

So i sat down with my fabric list, two of my favorite online fabric websites, and my calculator in hand and came up with a way to manage getting enough stuff for 7 quilts for next year. When i need to i can really crunch the numbers! So i'll be keeping the postmen busy next week.


Julie said...

That's impressive that you can plan your quilts ahead, purchase ahead and get them done. My luck, I get halfway through a project and find an error in the instructions requiring more fabric.

What state are you in? We have less than usual snow this year and it's looking a lot like spring here in Washington state. Temps are in the 50's.

pdudgeon said...

Hi back Julie!

i live in Virginia. We haven't had nearly as much snow as we used to have 20-30 years ago.
Back then we could expect about three good snowstorms each Winter, and the schools would be closed for at least three days if not four. All that time past takes it's toll however, so the cities don't keep nearly as many snow removal trucks on hand as they used to.
in fact, Williamsburg VA put out a notice for the fist snowstorm (the big one) that they would not be clearing the roads! how times and the climate change!