Friday, February 5, 2010

Are You Ready For round #2???

another snow storm is headded our way; this time with not as much snow, but much more wind.
so this will definitely be a 'stay inside' storm, or else a 'hang on to your hat' storm, because the temp gradients are supposed to be really tight.

I guess this weekend's storm is the warm -up ( or cool down) for wednesday's storm to come.
Imagine that- we're going back in time to the years when all the kids were in school, and we routinely had three snow storms a Winter, and drifts up to our knees.

glad we're not up in the D.C. area for this storm.
they're expecting 2 foot plus of snow from this one, which will be their second big snow of the season. if i recall correctly, i think they had to go all the way back in the record books to the 1930's to find a similar storm with as much snow in D.C. for the month of January.

but meanwhile i have the perfect pastime all planned.
I have my hot chocolate, marshmallows, and my fabric list made out of all the fabric that i'm going to be looking for in just 3 weeks from now, at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival!

I've been going to this festival for years and years now, and i think i've finally found just the right time to get there, where all my favorite vendors are located, and of course, a mile-long list of what i want to buy. i've got it all writen out in a big list. I mean SERIOUSLY-- this list rivals that of Santa Clause, and it takes all the front and back of a piece of steno paper to keep it organized.

See, i have to keep these super wonderful quilt vendors happy and willing to make the long treck down here and back every year. And now for the BIG SECRET!


the whole secret of shopping at quilt shows is that you have to let your purchases age a whole year before you use them----especially if you are like me and about 60 other quilters, who are all supposed to be busting our quilting stash this year.

so when i go shopping at the quilt festival i'm actually shopping for next year's projects in the stash busting challenge. *wink, wink*. After all i think it makes a whole lot of sense to shop for fabric now when it's available. you just never know when they might start rationing fabric purchases in the future......

LOL. remember the 30's and all those feedsack quilts? We quilters would be in a heck of a mess now if we had to rely on feedsacks for our quilting material---especially those of us who live in the city!

(and we aren't even going to mention what the kid's underwear was made from).

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Lori in South Dakota said...

I want to see that list!! (I am SO jealous!)