Wednesday, February 24, 2010

About those UFO's

i've got 4 of them to deal with in this year's stash busting, so i'm putting most of them into my quilting version of "March Madness".

the first one (UFO #1) which i plan on tackling this last weekend in February is called "Butter Churn", a pattern by Sherri K. Falls. It's a small wall quilt, so when i finish it, i'll hang it on the wall over my computer screen.

UFO projects are also in the line-up for working on in March, as my quilting version of "March Madness".

First up in March is UFO # 2 is called "Jacob's Ladder", but it's not the traditional setting.
in this quilt each quilt block consists of just two 4 patches and two HST's, each made from a muslin and a single print.
there are multiple prints in the quilt itself, so when the blocks are put together it appears that all the prints were sewn in diagonal rows. one diagonal row has two small matching print squares and a muslin background, and a second diagonal row which has a line of small muslin squares, bordered by a line of various printed triangles (the second side of the HST's).

the pattern for this quilt by the same name ("Jacob's Ladder") can be found in an old AP&Q Feb 1999 issue, p. 56.
in the article picture, the quilt i am making is shown on the quilt holder at the foot of the bed.
the traditional setting of "Jacob's Ladder" with alternating setting blocks is shown on the bed.

Fabric for this quilt comes from two turnover packs (triangles) from the "Wildflowers II" fabric line (plus a few from my stash), some yardage for the 4 patch squares, and a great setting fabric from Marcus Brothers, called "Aged Muslin Cloth".
the muslin is just the color of brown paper bags and it's an overdyed muslin, so it has striations of colors. Very nifty!