Saturday, January 9, 2010

What i'm making

one of the wonderful ladies who follows my blog asked what quilt i was making in my stash-busting efforts.

And now the mystery is solved! the quilt pattern is called "Santa Fe Country", designed by Kim Brackett. It's on page 82 of McCall's Quilting, January/February issue.

For those of you who got the magazine to see the article/picture of Judy Laquidara's quilting studio, this quilt is in that same issue.

My only problems with the quilt have come with the amount of background fabric required for the quilt. I think they figured short yardage. the quilt calls for making HST's with squares from the background fabric and assorted prints.

So here's the problem: If a quilter is making them following the pattern directions to cut squares 2 5/8 inches, (making 2 HST's at the same time) the resulting HST's won't measure 2 inches square when finnished and sewn into the quilt. In order to construct the HST's with that method, the squares need to start at 3 inches, which will use more material.

Now if the quilter is using a pack of thangles to make the HST's, then she needs to cut 2 1/2 inch STRIPS not squares, which still uses more fabric.

So basically which ever way one makes the HST's, MORE fabric than listed will be needed for this pattern. So my best guess would be to buy 4 yards at least, rather than the 2 5/8 yards that are called for.

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