Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sunday Stash Report, Week #2

Well, i'm doing pretty good on the stash busting efforts. I've been sewing slowly this past week due to other committments to pack away Christmas, make a big grocery run, etc.
and one more thing.........
i ran out of background fabric! EEEEK!

so yes, i put in an emergency fabric order for 1 yard of the background blue dot fabric, and 2.5 yards of border fabric for the quilt i'm currently piecing (since i didn't have anything i could use for a border). So if you're counting, thats 3.5 yards of fabric in.

Now of that fabric comming in, 2 2/3 yards will be going right out into the quilt.
So here's a summary of where i stand currently:

fabric totals from last week: 9 yards to the good
fabric in this week: 3.5 yards in
fabric used this week: 2 2/3 yards out

fabric totals for this week: still 8 yards, 6 inches to the good! YEAAAAA!


Lori in South Dakota said...

bragger! ROFL---I would have bought fabric this week if it wouldn't have been cold and blizzarding and cold and snow and cold....Well, you get the drift. (tongue in cheek!)

Tamera said...

WooHoo! Keep it in the black! :-)

KathySWFL said...

Way to go Pam!

Penny said...

I agree that you need fabric for the border. It comes in and it goes right out. Just cancels it out, a draw. Hopefully this week will give you more time to quilt. Good luck.