Thursday, January 28, 2010

On the watch for ...


Yes folks, once again this Winter i am on the watch for a nice snow storm to come thru here this weekend. Right now the snow is sitting in Oklahoma....or rather the ice and snow are sitting there.

the latest forcast has us getting 3-8 inches of snow, but they're not sure yet how the storm will play out.

I am all stocked up in hot chocolate, stew (already made), coffee, bread, and bottled water. i also laid in a supply of chocolate. I mean honestly...who could go thru a snowstorm without a supply of chocolate on hand???

on some other news my local quilt shop, "Bella Fabrics", is making the big move this weekend. they are expanding into the space next door, which is about 3 times the size they have now, and it's a corner store! WHOOPIE!!! more classroom space, more space for fabric, and some room to move around in.

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Kate said...

Wahooo snow! :-)