Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mores sorting of the stash drawers

today, on an inspiration i tackled yet another stash drawer to get it organized. This one was easier to do because it was all yardage---but how much did i have????

now that drawer is all re-folded, measured, and separated into two stacks; more than one yard and less than one yard, but still a big piece.

the bonus in doing this was that i found the absolute PERFECT backing for the blue and yellow quilt that i'm slowly putting together. It's a really lovely piece of golden leafy, swirling fronds with a sunshine daffodill yellow background. I loved it so much when i bought it (a couple of years ago now) that i got almost all the shop had at the time, close to 10 yards. It was on sale so i got a great deal, and now i can put it to good use.

I was so happy to find this fabric again that i was sorely tempted just to throw it on the bed and roll in it, like a happy puppy, LOL

While sorting thru the drawer, I also tied together 6 half yards of the "Butter Churn and Cheddar" line from Judie Rothermel , and found two more pieces that will coordinate well with them. So I'll make as many 9 patches with the fabric as i can, for a double 9 patch quilt.

one of those 'extra' gems is a 10 x 32 in piece of fabric designed by Virginia Rovertson, 2001. Don't know the mfgr because that's where the cut was made on the salvedge, but it will blend well with the others.

Oh! I almost forgot..... but I can't leave you hanging......
so how much yardage was finally in the drawer?????

34.33 yards of fabric.

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Lori in South Dakota said...

isn't it great to find "lost" fabric??