Wednesday, January 6, 2010

do you ever rearrange your furniture?

yea, i know it's a weird question.

i was just sitting here tonight contemplating the space that used to be taken up by the Christmas tree and all the decorations. Without them the room looks .....bare..........and dark....and empty!

WAAAAAAAHHH! I miss Christmas with all the decorations, and the bright lights.

i think that tomorrow i'll try rearranging my furniture to see if i can take away some of the bareness and make it look comfortable again. LOL, DH will think i've gone nuts!


Kate said...

Ha! I felt the same way when I took our stuff down! Although I just had to put things back in their normal place to cure that problem. Good Luck!

sara said...

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Julie said...

I do move the furniture to put up the tree. It just seems right to put the tree in front of the window. I used to move my furniture often. I guess it was a restless thing. Now I know what works absolutely best and I only move it at Christmas or to clean the carpet.

p.s. Great stashbusting this week.

Lori in South Dakota said...

nope. Can't remember moving the furniture since we've lived in this house. 7 years? I'm not sure it COULD be rearranged without major reconstruction! Or getting new furniture! Yes, I'm in a rut, but it's a comfortable rut! Lucky you're not here, the weather is supposed to be -20 to -35 tonight WITHOUT the wind chill, and tomorrow the high is forecast to be -20. And yes, its blizzarding. I should be snuggled in under my electric blanket, but nasty weather unsettles me.