Friday, January 15, 2010

And on to Another Stash Drawer

This time it's the drawer of neutrals, which means white, eggshell, taupe, tan, ecru, etc.
not much in this one...only 25 1/2 yards, which means i need to go shopping for neutrals again!

i did make an interesting discovery, though.
one of the quilt shops where i buy fabric cuts their FQ's a bit differently. seems that their FQ's aren't always the standard 18 x 22 size, but are more often 18 x 20. And since it's the quilt shop that is furthest away from me, this is a good excuse not to shop there again.

see, it pays to measure!


Lori in South Dakota said...

some of the bolts are getting narrower, so that may be where that lost bit went. I usually cut my FQ's a bit generous in length---more 20" than 18", as I hate to send someone something that is a big small if they are needing every inch! But then--I don't work at a quilt shop!

Julie said...

I found that the shop that does my quilting was taking a strip of backing fabric from everyone's quilts. They have bins in the back full of these strips. Maybe they are doing the same at the store you shopped in with the yardage before they cut the FQ's. It would make a lot of "free" (stolen) fabric for someone.