Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Bed Steals Sox !

yep, it does.

for the past week i have woken up, flung back the covers, swung my legs over to sit on the side of the bed, and looked down to discover a bare left foot!

my right foot was totally covered in a nice warm sock, as expected. Even rummaging around in the bed covers produced no left sock. Whoever knew that my bed would develop a hunger for left socks, but it has.

I have heard of washing machines that do this.
I've also heard that if you clip the sox together by pairs, that one won't get lost in the washing process. So far i haven't figured out how to adapt the "clipping together" process so that it would work when i'm sleeping. I can just imaging the impending accident that would happen if i needed to get up in the middle of the night with a pair of clipped-together sox.

visions of Disney's Dumbo the Elephant dressed in a tiny pink tutu go floating thru my head.
Nope! clipping together at night would not be a good thing.

Just one of the wonderful discoveries/mysteries that happen day by day in the Egghead's Coop.