Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Combing thru the scraps...

and getting them organized has kept me busy this week. So far i've found enough fabric to make at least two quilts, and probably a good bit more. At least two of my drawers look much better now.
i've got lots of baggies filled with little squares that will someday be a Boston Commons quilt, and i've 're-purposed' some other fabric that i got last year into a different quilt using 'Sister's Choice" blocks in various shades of pink, green, and white.

Another quilt-to-be from the scraps will use some left over noodles from April Cornell's first blue/yellow/green/white line called "sunshine". I'll be getting some printed and white yardage of her latest, "Nature's Notebook,' (for borders and background) and add it to what i have in scraps to make a second blue and yellow quilt. Still pulling more from my stash that i'll be buying though.

working thru all the various drawers has led me to some conclusions...
1. while i like applique, it doesn't draw me as much as plain piecing. So the beginnings of two of last year's applique projects hit the fan, and the fabric was re-purposed for other quilts. (see above^^)

2. next year i need to find a better way to store my available yardage fabrics in one spot so i can see what i have. I'll have to think about that one, because it will probably involve either some bookshelves, or a large tub.

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Lori in South Dakota said...

Two drawers down--five to go?? reorganizing into what you like to sew, that's when you'll get more done! I love bricks and stepping stones, so I cut lots of bricks. And noodles, I have enough noodles to make LOTS of quilts that require noodles. That organizing so you can see and find what you have, that takes a LONG time! But so worth it!