Thursday, November 12, 2009

What a blow hard!

Well i have some disapointing seems like our ducks do not like this lady who has blown into town!

poor ducks tried very hard to swim on the lake today, and after tacking about a couple of times, they gave up and headded right back to shore.

i walked outside today to see if there were any more developments. the lake had filled up to within about 3 inches of the top at 6 am. The wind is getting worse (of course). When i faced into the wind, and with both hands tightly gripping my umbrella, it was all i could do not to loose it. Even faced into the wind, the spines turned up and out. i came back in 15 min later with raincoat sopping, pants sopping, leather shoes and sox sopping. clothes dryer, here i come!

I heard on the news that one family got their Christmas tree delivered rather unexpectedly last night--right thru the roof and into their livingroom! Some of the bridges and underpasses are starting to close because of the high winds and high water. This morning we have sustained winds of 35MPH and gusts up to 50MPH.

LOL, this would not be a great day to hang out the wash!

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