Friday, November 13, 2009

we have come thru unscathed!

We are blessed! we have power, heat, are dry, and so is our car.
this apartment complex was built to withstand a cat 4 hurricane, and it has done so.

this morning the lake is back within it's boundaries, and only a few smaller trees (less than 12 ft) are either down or leaning.

it is still windy outside, but we are only expecting a few bands of rain to come thru later today.
Weather people are comparing this Nor'east'er to hurricanes of the past as far as water, rain, and tidal flooding. Most of the areas around us got between 8-10 inches of rain over the past few days, and we're probably right there with them.

by tomorrow this lady who blew into town should be well gone.


Sue H said...

That's good news! I thought of you last night during the news/weather report. Dry is good!

Lori in South Dakota said...