Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh Me!

I got the king sized quilt back from the quilter's tonight. sigh.
once again there's a problem with the sides of the quilt, and the overall meander that she chose is too widely spaced.

I think i hear a frog serenade in my future..............ripit, ripit, ripit.


Ruthie said...

Can the plain meander be made into a ribbon meander?

Lori in South Dakota said...

A ribbon meander is a great idea!

pdudgeon said...

oh i wish! but,nope.
putting a square ruler on the spaces shows that the areas between the lines of the quilting design itself are as much as 3 x 8 inches of unquilted fabric.

the original quilting design is very pleasing and balanced.
The problems came when it was enlarged, which then widened the spacing between the lines of quilting as well as the spacing between the sets proportionately.

Houston, we have poofiness!
this was a quilting design that sadly was enlarged to the point that it lost both it's design and it's functionality.

SandyQuilts said...

Was it quilted on a computerized longarm system? You say it was enlarged that's why I wondered.

There is a new idea (sort of) where a meander is done then and second design is quilted .... Twice Quilted ... I think it's called.

Very pretty quilt.

pdudgeon said...

Sandy, yes it was a computerized system, which 'shows to go you' that even with a computerized syste, there is a always lot to learn about quilting.
meanwhile i'm still frogging away.
thank goodness it's Winter and cooler now. I wouldn't want to be doing this in Summer temps. LOL

Julie said...

So sorry about the frogging. What a waste of time and money.

It makes a good argument for all of us getting our own longarms.

pdudgeon said...

*grin* Julie I'm dreaming of a time when i have room enough for a big table and a full sized quilting machine. for now I've got a 6 ft table and my trusty old Bernina, which does good enough for a twin size quilt.

On the other hand i'm learning from the experience of sending quilts out to be quilted, and those lessons will come in handy when i do get the larger table.

I think my quilter did the best she could, so i can't expect more from her at this time. Quilting is always a learning process,no matter how long we do it.

Julie said...

I been through three quilters myself and have had them take "indecent liberties" with my quilts. Once one came home with borders only half the size I sent it with. Live and learn.

Space is a big issue for me too.

Julie H.