Sunday, November 1, 2009

more progress again!

I'm on the down slope now!
Got two more quilts back from the quilters on Friday, and I'm working on getting the binding on those. That's three down, one to pick up, and one to go! Now i'm really glad that i had a quilt already finished that i could pull out of my stash for gifting this year. Getting six quilts ready for Christmas was just one too many, LOL.

The quilter said she would have the king sized quilt ready next week, so i'll have to get busy and finish up piecing the last queen sized quilt this week.
I would have had it all ready a week ago, but i've been sidelined by the flu (no surprize as it's all around here now).

At least i'm getting the flu over with before the holidays hit this year!

ps. I haven't forgotten! we've got rain this weekend, but the next sunny day i'll try and line up the quilts for their mug shots. *S*

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