Thursday, November 19, 2009

30-something days till Christmas!

....but who's counting, right?

I must confess that i've already started to enjoy the Christmas season...
I have my candy dish filled with Starlight mints,
I bought a small stuffed reindeer, and a small stuffed teddy 'bearista' bear
I've looked for more carved wooden Santas for the top of my bookshelf

and of course I'm making Christmas quilts!

(and debating over whether to scarf up on still more Christmas fabric...)

my lists are made for the gift giving, and procurement progress is being made on that score.
wondering if i should get some new pans to cook in...that might help, as i always 'cook BIG'
stocking up on the aluminum foil....left-overs! yum,yum.

at this point i'm not sure that 30-something days will be enough time to cram everything in, but i'm certainly willing to give it a try! LOL.


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Kate said...

We finally took the plunge and bought Calphalon, and it's wonderful. We didn't get a set because we wanted both stainless and non stick. Also, Corningware is making stuff called SimplyLite, it's light as a feather, so no more heavy casseroles! What's nice is that you can get them both at Target, too.