Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More progress!

well now i have three quilts at the quilter's; a king sized quilt for child #2, a twin size for my MIL, and a twin for my SIL.
that leaves only one more quilt to make and get to the quilter's later this month, and then i get a breather!

for the last quilt i'm using Glace' fabric and making it a queen size. using 2 layer cakes plus some yardage for the borders will make this quilt go fast.


Julie said...

Good girl! Doesn't it feel great to have them done? I have two ready to go except the pieced borders, one all ready-but it's king sized and the quilting bill be be huge, and two or three others in various stages. Of course I want to start more. Show us pictures when the quilts come home please. Julie H.

Lori in South Dakota said...

You're burning up the road, lady! GO GO!! (Can't think of an inspiring cheer!~)