Sunday, August 30, 2009

Progress towards Christmas

I am working away in my quilting production, but since it's for Christmas gifts i can't show much yet. I've got 3 queen sized quilts to make, each a different pattern and a different fabric line. (Wildflowers II, Glace, and Frosted Memories)

The first top (Wildflowers II) is almost finished....just have to put 3 more borders on; some flying geese, a strip of 2 inch blocks, and a final 2 inch outer border and it will be all in one piece. Since this one needs to be in one piece, i'll have to send it out to be quilted because my frame only does twin size and smaller.

The good news is that if i can stick to my schedule and get this off to the quilter early in September, that will give me the rest of September to make the second queen sized quilt, and October to make the third. November will be reserved to put the bindings on so they can be shipped early in December.

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Lori in South Dakota said...

wow, you are sounding dedicated, a schedule and everything! I decided that I will NOT make any Christmas presents. Hey, in our family the only person who really needs a Christmas present is Mason! The rest of us, too old to need anything, or at the age that cash is the best gift! I hate a deadline of finishing a quilt for Christmas, I just give them out as I feel like it now.