Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Picture vs Bean Counter communication and what it has to do with quilting

now that's a strretch for a blog title, humm?

Sometimes it takes a while for me to notice trends and other times i fly right along with them.
But what i've noticed lately is how differently people think and communicate with each other, and i wondered why that might be.

some people think large, grand thoughts and have great visionary ideas. they tend to express those ideas as goals and possibilities.
other people see the details of how things go together and what is necessary to make those grand ideas go, so they collect all the facts and make a judgement based on the information available.

Blessed is the person who sees both and is able to communicate that! LOL

now how does that fit into quilting, you ask....good question!
over on Judy's blog today she challenged us to do some alternative thinking along these lines, using quilting as a medium.

Those of us who chose fabric first ("I love this fabric and i want to make a quilt with it"--the grand idea people) were challenged to start with the pattern first.

Those of us who usually choose a pattern first (the bean counters) and then find the fabric, were challenged to expand our horizons and find the grand idea contained in a length of fabric first, and then find the pattern that fit the fabric.

so how would a quilter objectively know which kind of thinking they usually use?
glad you asked, because i think we can find the answer in a computerized quilting program called EQ.

EQ is fabulous computer program that many quilters use for various reasons. Some like it's design posibilities and can play with drawing different quilt designs for hours, while others are more at home with the automatic design possibilities it offers.

the grand idea quilter will love the design capabilities of the program as much as they love the way it calculates the yardage and piece sizes for them.
the bean counter quilter will be relieved to find a library of quilt blocks available and the color changing capabilities of the program. they'll probably do their own calculating.

granted, this may be simplifying things a bit (or a lot!). but if you ever want to know just how a quilter thinks, ask them which features they love and use on EQ. *S*


Lori in South Dakota said...

ah--I'm a bean counter!

mereth said...

I choose to make quilts both ways, sometimes pattern first, sometimes fabric.Although I have EQ I still love my routine with a pad of graph paper and pencil, a cup of coffee (or two) and working out my pattern the long way. I even like the maths involved, and finding the most economical way to fit all the pieces in. I watch Keryn using EQ and think I really should devote some time to it (the colour and fabric patterns are a good idea.)I might have a go one day.