Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day (late)

here's a little bit of green to honor St. Patrick's Day. this plate is in my china collection, passed down to me from my grandmothers.

this particular plate was made by W. H. Grindley & Company in England. The pattern is Lincoln-green, and measures 27 cm wide. As best i can date it, the plate is over 100 years old.
It's resting on my green Irish Chain quilt, named "My Wild Irish Rose". the quilt was made in 2003, and is machine pieced and hand quilted by me.

here's a closer view of the lovely daisies and ferns on the plate.
(and a little bit of the quilting thrown in for good measure)
The quilt squares measure 1.5 inches each, 1.75 on the diagonal.


Lori in South Dakota said...

Anything green is good!! But an Irish chain quilt and what looks to be like very special transferware, wow!! I have some nice blue and green cups and saucers, do you want to come to tea? We can put the fancy sandwiches and bisquits on your plate!

mereth said...

I just love old china, and I have quite a lot from my grandmothers too.
I must say, your plate does look really pretty against the quilt and your stitching is great. I want to handquilt something this winter, it's about 5 years since I did any. Wonder if I've forgotten?