Saturday, December 13, 2008

yep, i'm still kickin'

but not as much as i did earlier in the year!
in my defense i've had 2 bouts with flu, a high ankle sprain, and some sore ribs to contend with as well, which have put a crimp on my available quilt time.

still quilting--some days--and making slow progress.
i have the Amadeus quilt on the frame, and am halfway thru the quilting process.
One more pass on the panto and it will be time to turn it around and quilt the other half.

I did get the Jelly Braid quilt finished to a flimsy earlier this month, and the black sashing strips were just what the quilt needed to balance all the retro fabrics.

(sorry for no pics, but blogger isn't co-operating this morning.)

meanwhile thoughts of real longarm machines are going thru my head just like the names of Santa's reindeer.
Hopefully by next Christmas i will have enough money saved to get one, but which one!????
at least i have all year to decide and maybe try some of them out at the quilt show in February.

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