Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Stash Report

I've been sewing this week! gotta confess that i worked ahead and got all 13 blocks done for Judy's Star BOM so i could at least count something from that project for this year's goals.
(and no, i didn't have the patterns for the extra blocks , or any 'insider quilting help' either!)

So i'm taking 2 yards of stash busted this week for piecing all the 13 blocks this year.
it makes my total busted at 62 yards for the year so far.
I did get the Charm and Jelly Soup quilt top together, but that was counted when i cut it.

i also made up a list of quilts i want to get done next year and the yardages for each,
so here goes!

1. Candle in the Window, 11 yards
2. Moroccan Spice #1, 11 yards
3. Moroccan Spice #2, 11 yards
4. Gramercy Stars, 11 3/4 yards
5. finish Judy's Star BOM 12 yards
6. Hypnosis, 8 1/8 yards
7. Cotton Season, 10 yards
8. Midwest Beauty, 8 1/2 yards
9. Autumn House BOM, 11 yards
10.Jardin De Roses BOM 11 yards
11.Christmas Mystery (Winter Rose) 8 yards
12. Lone Star topper, red, 3 yards
13. Lone Star topper, blue, 3 yards
14. Jelly Maker's Cabin, 8 yards
15. Sassy 16, 8 yards
16. HoneyComb Harvest, 9 1/2 yards
17. red work (wall and table) 4 yards
18. Judy's Shining Stars (Bears) 11 yards
19. Dog Quilt, 8 yards
20. Four Corners Star Dance, flannel 12.5 yards
21. Four Corners Star Dance, Neutrals 12.5 yards

total yards planned to bust: 202 yards

Seven of the above quilts will be new projects that i added to the list for 2009.
The remaining 14 are projects left over from this year that i didn't get to.
so if i get half of these done i will make my goal for next year.

but i just might get all of them done, and that would really bust my stash!
boy would that be nice.

ps. no ice on the lake yet! last night's low temp was 22 degrees. BRRRRR.


Vicky said...

Lucky you for having all 13 blocks. You'll be the first finish! Your 2009 list looks great!

Lori in South Dakota said...

A goal with a list! And it's not even New Year's. You go girl!!

1/4 of an inch said...

Hello there, somehow I have stumbled upon you and notice you like talking 'stash' - thought you might like to join in with a little bit fun i host called 'sunday stash' - you can check out my blog if you would like to the way, I am very impressed with your list...Tam xo

Randi said...

Wow! You are on top of it! I haven't even started to think of my goal for next year. I know I want to keep busting though!