Friday, October 17, 2008

This weekend is Quiltathon!

YEAAAAAAA! I am so ready for this! Judy has been holding monthly Quiltathons for those who are interested since January. As Martha would say, "It's a good thing!"

so often as quilters we are so caught up with our everyday lives and the demands of home, work, and/or family,and we forget to schedule a regular time where we can just sit and quilt. That's what Quiltathon is for. Quilting at home and doing what we can.

We know these are comming up, so we try to get as many of the daily tasks done earlier in the week free up the time available. Like Judy says, whether we have a lot of time or a little time isn't as important as that we use what we have available to do some quilting just for the pleasure of it. so i plan to make this weekend as pleasureable as i can!

I'm going to start out by treating myself to some blueberry pancakes for breakfast. I hoard my blueberries in the freezer and only bring them out for Quiltathon breakfasts. Gotta have a special treat and some inspiration!

this quiltathon i'll be working on a braided quilt with a pattern from Calico Printworks called "Jelly Braid". It's the first time i've made one of these, but the directions look easy to follow. I'm using a jelly roll from Moda called "Fresh Air". It's a lovely retro fabric line in brown, teal, cranberry, gold,and orange--perfect Fall colors!

So follow along with me this weekend and let's quilt together!

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