Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Stash Report

still not much to report. i finished my top of 'Shine on Bayou Cane' designed by Judy Laquidara this week. that fabric has already been counted when i cut it, so now the top is back in one of the six "2B quilted" drawers (which used to hold stash!YEAAAA!)

I did update my plans for the quilts i will be making (mostly from stash)in the next ten weeks. I'll probably take a week off during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cooking and decorating and visiting will take prescedence then, so that leaves me with 8 weeks of quilting left for the year. Time grows short!

yes i must confess i pushed buttons this week!
I went shopping online for some fabric for a quilt pattern called "Candle in the Window" by Kansas Troubles Quilters. i ordered the pattern in April, got it delivered (finally!) in late September,(bad post office, grrr) and have been dreaming and scheming ever since.
Yesterday when i could stand the suspense no longer, i went online and found a "Snow Blooms" jelly roll from Moda, and the gold and black border fabrics from that line as well. i had looked at these same fabrics earlier this year, so thank heavens they were still available!

this means that next week i will have incomming fabric, which also means that i need to get busy and get some production going in the sewing room so i also have stash going out as well as stash comming in.

Oh my, the pressure, the pressure...LOL

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