Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Stash Report

i'm going to be making some catch-up posts later to show the latest pastel flimsies, but i have been quilting this week.

fabric in this week/month: zero
fabric in this year: 173 yards, 20.5 inches

fabric out this week/month: 8 yards, 23.5 inches
fabric out this year: 236 yards, 2.5 inches

busted total: 62 yards, 18 inches
left to the goal: 49 yards, 5 inches

When we started this project i had absolutely no idea how much fabric i had, or how very long it would take to use it in quilts. I bought fabric when i liked it or needed it, or whenever a new quilt pattern caught my eye. To say that i was the queen of jellyrolls would not be an understatement! My attention was always on the beginning of the quilting process; acquisition, designing, and the thrill of a new project.

Gradually thru this year my attention has shifted to the middle quilting phase,that of piecing and assembly.
I hope after the first of the year to begin the final phase-that of quilting and binding.
I have been quilting and binding some quilts thru this year, and have stacks of finished quilts to show for it. but there are definitely enough tops waiting to keep me just as busy quilting next year as i have been piecing this year.

it's going to be nice next year to shift to a slower production gear as i get reaquainted with those tops and watch as they become beautiful finished quilts.

So stay tuned--there will be finished quilts here in the future.

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Lori in South Dakota said...

Love your thoughts on stash, quilting, and finishing quilts. I think we all go thur this. It's a fun process.