Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Following Quilt Market. etc.

like many of you i've been visiting Quilt Market this week thru the eyes of some other bloggers. What a marvelous show! I saw lots of patterns and even a kit or two in the photos that i'll have my eye out for when they get to the stores. Oh boy!!

today i'm expecting some more fabric that i ordered to come in for my "Candle in the Window" quilt.

Earlier this week Judy was asking about our stash busting plans for 2009. As i am just about in the middle of a project,(Jelly Braid)now might not have been the best time for me to answer.
I am finding that this is not the most joyous of my projects that i have done recently, and that's probably due to the nature of the pattern itself. But i will persevere and get this into a flimsy.

i think this is going to be one of those 'been there, done that, made the quilt" kind of deals.

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