Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall is Comming!

I decided this week that it's time to spruce up my plain porch for Fall. so i roamed around town for two days looking at all the plants and decorations in the stores. I found what i wanted, paid for it, and loaded up my little red car with all sorts of things. It did seem a bit hot while i was out galavanting around, so i grabbed a bottle of cold water from the fridge when i got home, and checked the temp outside.
EEEK! we had gone back to Summer with a vengence; it was 85 degrees outside!

I got my step ladder out and hung two garlands, ripped open two bags of potting soil and filled my planter, and started planting. i got a nice yellow chrysanthemum, some rust and yellow pansies, a chartreuse creeping sedum,and a nice peach colored yarrow.

got all those set into the planter, scattered a few ceramic pumpkins and gourds around,draped a third garland over the chair and hung my wreath, and the decorating was done for this year. I hope to add more interesting things next year, but at least my porch isn't plain any more.

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