Friday, September 5, 2008

We have a visitor: Hannah

yes folks, our first Tropical Storm of the season is comming to visit.

the rain started about 2:30 pm today. I took some pre-storm pics so i would have some comparison for what she leaves behind after she departs in the next 24 hours.

this first pic is of our lake, pre-Hannah. It's down about 6-8 inches below normal, so we'll see how much rain we get after Hannah has finished. It's a pretty big lake. the blacktop pathway in the extreme left of the pic goes all the way around the lake, a mile in circumfrence. During a huge storm that pathway can be covered with water.
We aren't expecting too much wind and rain, but it all depends on where the storm goes as to whether we will be in the right quadrant or the left (hopefully) quadrant. the full force is expected to be here about 2:30 am tomorrow. I may be awake but i'll probably stay inside for this one.

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