Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Stash report

I am gradually working my way thru my stash. for a long time now i have been making nice pastel quilts. the lighter stash colors of pink, yellow, green, blue,beige,white,lavendar,and peach have been going into quilt top flimsies and some finished quilts. those will eventually grace my bed and my walls from Februrary thru June.

this week I cut the next to the last(hopefuly)planned pastel quilt top using the fabric line "Marisa" from Moda with some additional fabric from "Forever Friends" and a backing fabric from "Odelia".
I have one top left to cut in October with a Fall theme that will be all scrappy neutral stars with hints of brown, rust,some grey, and gold.
No name for that one yet, but i'm sure i will find one.

I still have a bulging drawer full of pastel scraps and strips left over from making all those quilt tops. those scraps and strips will be made into scrap quilts when i use up the last of my stash sometime next year. i am continuing to make progress on reducing the stash.

Stash Report:
Fabric in Week to Date: ZERO AGAIN!
Fabric in Month to Date: 2 yards
Fabric in Year to Date: 173 yards, 20.5 inches

Fabric out Week to Date: 9 yards, 14 inches
Fabric out Month to Date: 43 yards, 11 inches
Fabric out Year to Date: 227 yards, 15 inches

WINNING THE CHALLENGE: 53 yards, 30.5 inches
I'm almost half way to my goal of 112 yards.


Lori in South Dakota said...

You have some great goals! Would love to see your house after you get it all decorated with your quilts. I especially like the "nightfall" one.

Pat said...

A zero add week is always a 'good thing' :)

Like how you are 'winning the challenge' and half way to your goal!

All your quilts are so pretty as I have almost no pastels in my stash so yours are especially beautiful to me :)

Donna said...

Great job on using up so much stash! I dream of numbers like that. Aren't fall quilts fun?