Friday, September 19, 2008

It's a flimsy!

yes, you read it right. the Civil War quilt "Nightfall" is finally a completed quilt top (flimsy).

I worked on it the past two or three days getting everything matched and sewn together. I've made quilts set on point, and quilts with sashing and cornerstones, and setting triangles to boot. but it's been a while since I've thrown all of that together into one quilt.

ok, I might just as well get this one over with...I goofed!
Yes folks, i had that old seam ripper going this week. I made too many of those sashing strips and attached a few too many to the strips of quilt blocks, and I turned a few cornerstones the wrong way. But after doing the rip-it work, it all came together in the end. and now i can breath a sigh of relief. Or as my hubby says "Are you going to sit and stare at that quilt all day long?" LOL

I don't have a backing for this one yet, so it will sit in a drawer until maybe next month or whenever i can get to a quilt shop. I'm not super happy with the sashing fabric i got for this, but it's a good pattern, and close to the original quilt design.

so one quilt top done, and now it's on to sew "Happiness #1" together.
I hope to get that one done into a top (flimsy) by Sunday.


Randi said...

It's beautiful!

Lori in South Dakota said...

woohoo--found the finished flimsy! just as pretty as I thought it would be.