Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back on Track, maybe (finally!)

last week i got kind of side tracked in the quilt-making.
I started on the Civil War quilt "Nightfall" but had to order fabric for the sashings. then i started on a second quilt, "Happiness". Got that cut out, labled, and got side tracked again with those cute little HST's that were left over.

finished "Happiness #2" (made from those HST's), and yep, you guessed it....
got side tracked AGAIN on Monday with making BOM block #4 from Judy's BOM series.
got that done and went back to working on "Nightfall".
I feel like i'm going in circles here, but at least i've gotten back to my starting point!

once i get "Nightfall" into a top, aka 'flimsy" I'll start back on Happiness, which is now Happiness #1, LOL.

I think i need to be two quilters!

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