Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Scraps and Stars

Sunday and Monday i was working on a patriotic UFO that had been in the drawers since we moved here almost 3 years ago now. I was getting an irresistable urge to start piecing again, so i got this project out of the drawers.

Fortunately i had labled everything and had the pattern packed with the pieces. it didn't take long to get everything separated out and lined up again. then all i had to do was to figure out how many of those pieces i wanted to put in the quilt! Hindsight being better than foresight i decided to make it smaller than i first envisioned. that ment that it took me only one day to get the top together and it left me lots of little squares and rectangles left over for a scrappy quilt.
My pattern was from The Buggy Barn (published in 2001) called "Scrap Bag Stars".
this must have been a popular pattern because they are still carrying it 7 years later.

I simplified the sashings on mine but otherwise it's pretty much the same. Size is a nice 3 x 4 ft, just right to toss over the back of a couch.

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Mar said...

Hi Pam, just found you, love this quilt!